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Kyrna's gameplay for Monster Hunter Tri (WII)

Kyrna played Monster Hunter Tri

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The bf and I are nearing HR80, and are now on the verge of completing upper rank gear sets and weapons. I recently took up the lance as a secondary weapon to my beloved great sword, and it has been a BITCH trying to finish my Agnaktor+ set. The claws rarely drop enough as it is, and I need around 5 of them. Ugh. I have about 6 lances now, 3 of which are completed to their final rarity. Getting there. My bf on the other hand made a cool combo with the Diablos+ set, and mixed it with Barioth+ greaves and the Vangis coil...along with the Brazenwall. He slotted it with Adrenaline +2, so now when he gets below 40 or 30% health, he gets an insane damage boost of over 1500 and supposedly a defense boost of over 530. However, I'm beginning to think there's a cap on the defense somewhere because he still takes as much damage as I do. Still working that out, but he does good damage. :> We also moved to the recruitment servers where people are more focused on the certain things. Easier to find motivated people for sure. Wish we would have gone there earlier. ><
Monster Hunter Tri

Monster Hunter Tri (WII)

Genre/Style: Role-playing/Third-Person 3D Action RPG
Release Date: 24/MAR/10
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